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Strike A Pose

Strike A Pose


Oil On Canvas
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Angeli,Sylvia

Sylvia Angeli wants her collectors to fall in love with her paintings. Her large, opulently colored paintings of oversized fruit have a dramatic and sensuous sophistication that immediately engages the viewer. Born in Texas, her exhaustive training includes degrees from Sam Houston, the Glassel School of Art, Rice University, and Les Illusiones School, in Les Cerqueux, France. Upon completing her formative academic training, Sylvia began to exhibit her paintings in galleries throughout the United States. Extensive traveling to Africa, Belize, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and within the United States has left Sylvia with an ardent zeal for life -- a passion that is openly displayed in her paintings. To the artist, fruits resemble a sensuality, reminiscent of the human form and can create a palpable mood through the exploration of scale, color, and texture. Engaging a variety of media, Sylvia thickly layers her canvases: vibrant colors emanate from within that layering revealing a rich and luminous dimensionality. Quite experimental in the manner in which she approaches her canvas, Sylvia Angeli loves to create bold, imaginatively textured still lifes of subtle, mysterious ambiance.

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