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Bouquet Rouge

Fleurs e Palms





Oil on canvas
28w" x 33h"
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Bulan, Stephane

Born in 1954 in La Rochelle, France, Bulan’s first career as a journalist and caricaturist was a professional, yet not spiritual, success. In 1975, Bulan decided to rededicate his time to fine art painting.

Bulan’s paintings, full of vibrant yellows, blues, greens and other base colors, deliver a memorable, visual “punch”. With strong, distinct images, there is cleanliness to his form that is paramount in all his work. Bulan has an outstanding ability to meld exciting color and warmth to fill each canvas. Even in their color intensive state, Bulan manages to give each work a certain liberty and sense of serenity. The artist’s subject matter is impeccably the south of France. His seascapes present silent horizons and one can feel the breeze of the ocean beautifully translated by his use of textures and his application of his oils. Bulan commented, “…the bouquets I create reflect the beautiful women who bloom them…”. Even with his intense colors, Bulan incorporates a certain liberty and serenity in each of his canvases.

“Stephan Bulan’s paintings reveal unusual points of view, close to cubism. The relationship between the masses, the strong colors of an unreal intensity and the structure of the composition all gives a perhaps abstract, but more objective significance to the principle of representation. Bulan seems to incarnate quiet force; serenity, softness, relation emerge from its works and then, suddenly, the desire for exploding”. Colette de Manny- Charente Libre

Bulan’s work has been widely collected and exhibited throughout Europe, North America and the Orient. The Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery is proud and privileged to represent the art of Stephane Bulan for your viewing pleasure and consideration.

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