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Le Cerisier

Le Cerisier


Acrylic on canvas
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Chretien, Didier

“I find my energy in Provence, all my work is inspired by the Mediterranean scenery; superimposing bright, some would say shocking colors, just enough to tickle they eye.” Didier Chretien was born in Northern France in 1963. He currently makes his home in the south, known as “La Provence”. Didier is recognized throughout the world as being one of the leading colorist painters of the dramatic landscapes of Southern France. Didier Chretien uses bright, bold colors, and thick, glossy paint to entice the viewer. He builds up the canvas with layers and layers of paint to exaggerate these landscapes. His use of fiery reds, flaming oranges, and brilliant yellows provide a cheery interpretation to the viewer. Didier’s high gloss overcoat adds a layer of wetness, which further intensifies the finished painting. His condensed composition activates the canvas, so that the viewer’s imagination is sparked with ideas of happiness, energy, and play.

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