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Oil on canvas
36w" x 36h"
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Dawn, Kimberly

?I simply try to create paintings that are visually pleasing, evoke an emotion, feeling or memory, and bring energy into a room.? Kimberly Dawn was born in Dallas, Texas. She lived in the Dallas area for most of her childhood and after high school relocated to the Northeast. She then attended Georgetown University?s Walsh School of Foreign Service where she studied International Economics. After graduating from Georgetown, she immediately moved to New York City and worked in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance. After four years of crunching numbers on Wall Street, long hours, and late nights, Kimberly bought a canvas and just went home and painted it. She says that after that initial painting she couldn?t stop painting. Kimberly began carving out early morning hours to paint before heading into the corporate world. Since then she has sold over one hundred paintings and no longer works on Wall Street, painting full-time as a profession. Kimberly states, ?I paint because I am fascinated with color. What is consistent in my paintings is that in each one I try to capture motion and explore different possibilities inherent in oil and canvas.? Her palette ranges from lush earth tones to bold, multilayered primary hues. She tells us, ?My inspiration comes from the colors of the world around me; from the pastels of the French Impressionists, the invigorating blues of the ocean, to the deep crimson red of a dozen roses.? In addition to painting, Kimberly has a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures. She studied Impressionism in Paris, Tribal art in Kenya and Buddhist art in Bangkok. Having traveled to over thirty countries, she has been exposed to many cultures and ways of life. She currently lives in downtown New York City where she works in her art studio.

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