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La Tempete (The Storm)

Landepres de l'ocean (Moor close to the ocean)

Villagepres de l'ocean (Village close to the ocean)

Villagepres de l'ocean (Village close to the ocean)


Oil on canvas
40w" x 32h"
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Duquoc, Jean

Jean Duquoc is a painter of the emotional rather than the sensual. His imagery offers us a rare and private look at the world through the artist’s eyes. With color, movement and deep feelings for the land he undoubtedly loves, we are brought to this land with energized excitement. Jean Duquoc reminds us of the colorful beauty and peacefulness that the world has to show us. Jean’s passionate verses add life and purpose to his incredible imagery. Artist Statement: “The land that I come from is very strong and calls for strong colors,” Duquoc observes. The results are vivid free spirited canvases which not with passion. For Jean Duquoc, the red sun is powerful symbol of rebirth and a window to eternity. “It radiates”, he says, “the light of unity of heaven and earth, but also the line of disruption.” Duquoc wants the world to love the earth as much as he does. His paintings are full of emotion, overwhelming us with artistic tension and power which echo the forces of nature that surround him.

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