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Les Arbes Rouges (The Red Trees)


Promenade des Arbres


Fraises (Stawberry)





Oil on canvas
16w" x 16h"
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Mano, Nathalie

Nathalie Mano was born in France. She studied painting and other areas of fine art at L?Ecole Surperieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. She found her self deeply engrossed with the concepts of color and composition, as well as techniques of painting. Mano has a style that is immediately recognizable. Her thick, bold brushstrokes create a pattern on the surface of the canvas, while creating three-dimensional space within the canvas. Her brushstrokes are abundant with flavorful colors, ranging from blueberry yogurt blues, and sensitive bruised purples, to radiant oranges and buttery yellows. These colors inject the senses with a rich aroma and leave the viewer in awe of the brilliant color palette. On the other hand, her compositions are extremely personal. As a viewer you are confronted with concrete space. This space is strictly defined and outlined, producing a question of where you stand in relation to the created space. Are you on the path or standing in the shade of that tree? Is this place joyous, lonely, or anticipating your company? You have this sacred wonderment all to yourself and are encouraged to create your own interpretation and story. A Mano painting will enrich your surroundings with delight and create warmth within. Mano currently lives in Montreal, where she is discovering new spaces in immense rivers, wild forests, and deserted lakes. Her vivid style is creating quite a following and her paintings are increasingly collectable.

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