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Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields


oil on canvas
22w" x 29h"
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Nesvadba, Gerhard

Gerhard Nesvadba was born in 1941 near Frankfurt, Germany. In 1943 his parents settled in Vienna, where he attended high school and began his study of the various techniques of painting. To complete his education he studied works displayed in many European museums. In 1968 he had his first exhibition in Stockholm/Sweden where his work was highly regarded for its abstract compositions. Further expositions followed in the years 1968 ? 1974 in Goteborg/Sweden, Kopenhagen/Denmark, Hamburg and Goppingen/Germany and in Vienna. As Gerhard traveled for these expositions he was very impressed by the variety of the European landscape. So much so, when traveling from Sweden to Austria in marvelous summer weather he decided to paint impressionistic landscapes in a naturalistic style. His success with these new paintings was extraordinary and he decided to further pursue the style. He now is a painter of true renown. His exhibitions are innumerous.

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