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Summer Bouquet 2000

Floral Pattern in Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple

Floral Pattern in Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple


Watercolor on paper
16w" x 18h"
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Seymour, Jane

Jane Seymour, Golden Globe, Emmy Award winning actress, and recent IBE (Order of the British Empire) recipient, began painting nearly a decade ago. Prompted by a period of personal challenge, her art became the expression of a very private healing process. Similar to the Mythical phoenix, she experienced a rebirth and renewal. She emerged from this experience as an accomplished, passionate painter. Seymour sketches and paints at her Malibu studio, on movie sets, and on her travels. She has created an intimate world of delicate watercolors and colorful vibrant oil paintings. Her love of art began at an early age in England, where family gifts were always created, rather than purchased, so that the true spirit of giving of oneís self was expressed. This early practice developed into a lifetime of charitable work. Seymour continues to give through her artwork to charities, which help children in need. Visiting museums was also a favorite family pastime. A profound early experience, which influenced Jane as a colorist, was her discovery of Matisseís stunning motifs and Chagallís magical palette. Her lively studies of floral patterns were inspired by the vibrant watercolors of Rauol Dufy. The influence of these artists continues to define her work. Seymour remains challenged by studying the watercolors of John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer. She feels that watercolor is closer to the artistís hand and heart than any other medium. Having commissioned Tom Mielko, the noted Santa Barbara watercolorist, to paint a portrait of her children, Seymour became motivated to begin painting with him. As a result of that experience, she continues to paint with other artist and friends during her travels and in her studio. Inspiring other to paint, and the feeling of community it creates are abundantly rewarding. A love of flower gardening has been a major part of Seymourís life. Growing, caring for, arranging and being surrounded by flowers has been central to her being. Art and flowers have become one in her world, and form the foundation for creative expression. A striking colorful oeuvre reveals an elegant world of floral beauty where lush, impressive bouquets stand tall and proud. Inviting landscapes beckon the viewer to step into the vast, open countryside. Quite time is reserved for meditation and healing in the gardens of St. Catherineís Court. Jane Seymour was born in Hillingdon, England and currently resides in Malibu, CA. She and her family also maintain an Elizabethan manor home at St. Catherineís Court, in Bath England.

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