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oil on canvas
44w" x 37h"
Suggested Price: Call for Price

Artist Name: Tron, Jean Claude

"I do not do formal landscapes that represent a particular place which then binds us. I prefer a different world, a world that radiates warmth and happiness, leaving space to dream" Jean Claude Tron was born in Champagne sur Oise, France in 1943. He picked up a paintbrush at the age of thirteen and immediately plummeted into an intense study of art. Over the years, he has had numerous commissions and exhibitions of his work at several prestigious galleries. Jean Claude"s bold use of color is not an accident, but an intention. His unique interpretation of the landscape welcomes the viewer to step inside this created space. The eye attempts to follow each turn or change in elevation. The viewer is able to somersault quickly throughout this space and then retrace their steps slowly. Jean Claude's main source of inspiration is the Southern region of France, particularly Provence. His color palette is deeply influenced by Fauvist Expressionism: rich reds, velvety yellows, bold blues, and brilliant greens. These colors propel us into his world of warmth and radiate endless energy.

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